Through all these years the project has existed, we’ve noticed that the presence of artists in school is important, but the dialogue established between them and the school’s community is fundamental. Therefore, starting from a workshop accomplished in 2016, by Fernanda Morais with a group of students from CAp.’s High School, emerged a perception over another encounter with artistic knowledge: the one generated from the experience of elaborating and the construction of a proposition, in dialogue with the artists themselves.

In 2017 we decided to invite artists to create and develop works with our students. The dialogical work, above all, must culminate in our Cultural Exhibition or in an exhibition, in a way that it presents the results and the creative processes. Since then, we have received the following artists to create collective propositions with the CAp. João XXIII students:
2017- Sandra Sato (Artist and Professor Ph.D from the Institute of Arts and Design) - developed the project “A arte da maçã” (“The Apple Art”) that dismembered in multiples poetical propositions;
2018- Bruna Golçalves (graduated Artist from the Institute of Arts and Design) - with the project “Inflar” (“Inflate”) the artist worked with various kinds of interaction with art making, arranging from destruction processes to the reconstruction of artistic objects;
2019- Marcelo Brant - Artist from the city of Diamantina had his work "Respostas para o Vento" (“Answers to the Wind”) shown in the School Gallery and also gave a workshop for the students from João XXIII on the creation of banners as a medium for the materialization of each and everyone's symbolic space.

All the activities are accompanied by the Iniciação Científica Project “Residência artística na escola” (“Artistic Residency in the school”), with the intent of observing and documenting all the work. The idea is to establish criterias to analyze the process and impacts of the actions between the invited artists alongside students and everyday school life.
Intern: Mariana Monteiro de Pinho.