Dimensões Contemporâneas de Arte na Educação Básica (“Art in Basic Education’s Contemporary Dimensions”) research group

The group is formed by the visual art professors and researchers from the Application School João XXIII/ UFJF, teachers and professors from the municipal and state’s system, art students and designers. It means to contribute to the enhancement, organization, and systematization of a knowledge area still considered new in the academic research field. The motivation arises from the acknowledgment that conventional art education in schools doesn’t do enough to cover the plurality, the diversity and the accessibility to information of the present world. Therefore, it is necessary to move forward with researches that elaborate and propose new learning objects and methodologies that will give an expanded meaning to the visual art knowledge in basic education. Composed by research lines“Visual Poetics in Education” (“Poéticas visuais no Ensino”)and“Art, History, and Image in education” (“Arte, História e Imagem no Ensino”),aims to generate working fronts that establish methodologies, develop innovative educational material and reconsider art education’s place in formal schools.

Encerrado em 2017.