Initially composed by lectures by invited thinkers with themes related to art and/or art education. In its former organization there were dabate spaces for the exchange of academic experiences and oral communication; In general, the event happens in two or three days at the CAp. João XXIII. Entries are free of charge and can be made at the project’s official website. The papers are published on the event’s annual and distributed for free.

In partnership with MIRADA - Grupo de Estudo e Pesquisa em Visualidades, Interculturalidade e Formação Docente (Research Group in Visualities, Interculturality and Faculty Training) from the Education course at UFJF, led by the professors Francione Oliveira and Olga Egas (FACED;UFJF), in 2017, the Colloquium Art In Transit modified its structure with the intent of concentrating on the reflections, the actions and the exchanges that problematize the impact on the multiple visualities on educational processes and faculty training.The colloquium main objective in this new format is the dialogue and the exchange of experiences between different generations of professors, especially in the art field. The proposition is to reach out to the UFJF graduates of Visual Arts and Pedagogy and other everyday and pedagogical practices institutions from the school João XXIII, as well as the actions generated from the municipal system teachers of Juiz de Fora and the state of Minas Gerais.